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Business is evolving faster than ever. Enterprises depend on online devices and applications. Powerful software is transforming the way businesses are run. Information is now virtual. As a result of these fundamental changes, the cloud has become an extremely powerful tool, because it allows this virtualization to be possible.

But the cloud can be a rocky ride. Traditional IP networks cannot deal with the new levels of data storage, bandwidth and data workloads. That’s why Nuage Networks was set up – to help businesses address the unique challenges they face as they go virtual and connect to the cloud. “We’re in a really exciting period because the cloud’s becoming real,” says Basil Alwan, President of IP Routing and Transport, Alcatel-Lucent. “Alcatel-Lucent has the products to help customers evolve their networks through Nuage Networks and IP routing applications. Whether they want to instantiate a virtual machine (VM), turn up an application, tear it down, or move it around.”

We can create a network that is agile and can be reconfigured instantly and securely, consistent with enterprise policies.

Basil Alwan
President of IP Routing and Transport, Alcatel-Lucent
Nuage Networks focuses on delivering innovative and massively scalable Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions ensuring the data center and wide area network are able to respond instantly to demand and are boundary-less. SDN removes the last barrier to business agility and aims to bring about fully virtualized data centers that efficiently move and change with the demands of businesses. The increase in efficiency and cost-effectiveness can be extraordinary.

The newest innovations from Nuage Networks are Virtualized Network Services (VNS) – a reliable solution that delivers automated network provisioning, working in harmony with existing hardware and software. VNS provides meaningful value, by supporting customers through their virtual migration journey, and resolving network issues, seamlessly. Read more about VNS here. And most recently the Virtualized Services Assurance Platform (VSAP) – the industry’s first solution to deliver operational visibility and multi-vendor management between SDN overlays and any network fabric underlay. Read more about VSAP here.

“Completely automated network provisioning had been done for mobile devices but was certainly not available for wireline networks – until we came along,” says Sunil Khandekar, founder and CEO of Nuage Networks.

It is about understanding and solving customer problems in a meaningful way.

Sunil Khandekar
Founder and CEO, Nuage Networks
“Take a very large enterprise that has already gone down the path of virtualizing their workloads. They have lived through the pain of going from physical to virtual. Different firewalls added, appliances added, IP address changes, with no audit chain,” says Khandekar. “We extend the network, to allow for that migration, seamlessly.”

Across the globe Alcatel-Lucent is helping enterprises in every sector to deliver on the true promise of the cloud, maximizing their reach, revenue and business offer.

“Considering 2014 was our first full year in the market, we did quite well. We closed the year with 16 customer wins and more than 60 pilot deployments in both the enterprise and the cloud service provider (CSP) markets,” said Khandekar.

that transform business

Nuage Networks is supporting customers in every sector, at every stage of their virtualization journey.