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What does the network mean to you?

Look up. Right now. Do you see someone without a mobile phone in their hand? Probably not. It’s testament to both the ubiquity of the device and our embracing of it as human beings that there are more mobile subscribers in the world than there are people.

As of December 2014 there were 7,324 billion active mobile subscriptions versus a total world population of 7,280 billion.

As the network evolves we’ve come to realize that to each of us the network is something different. Whether it is about what the network facilitates for us, what it can enable or how we reach solutions to the huge challenges it is throwing up, each interpretation tells us a lot about our needs and demands for continual innovation.

Bertrand Marquet

Open Innovation Manager, Bell Labs
Villarceaux, France
Being part of a network of inspiring entrepreneurs enables me to be successful. I understand that within a big corporation where we need to deliver stable and high-quality products, it is difficult (but not impossible) to take and apply an entrepreneurial mindset to one’s work. It is very important to get multiple sources of inspiration. You need to talk and work with passionate people, and you need to discover places all over the world.

Caroline Crouzatier

Marketing & Communications Manager
Tokyo, Japan
With a ubiquitous network the distance between me and my family, friends and business connections is dissolved, opening us all to a world of possibilities and choices. An open door to an infinite blue sky is what is enabled by the network. I think the only limit is our imagination.

Christie Stanley

Sales Support/Business
Strategy Leader
Plano, Texas, US
Like the networks Alcatel-Lucent builds, my network has complexity as well as an inherent 'legacy' developed over time. Each connection and layer has been constructed over years of working across different organizations and functions. From working together as a ‘true team’ when times were tough, to sharing life experiences, every connection in my network is real and has provided the support I have needed both professionally and personally to succeed.

Fahim Kawsar

Internet of Things Research Lead,
Bell Labs
Antwerp, Belgium
While some call this the ‘Internet of Things,' I see it differently. I see this as a new form of network that places humans at the center of attention, brings plethora of things and personalized services within our reach, and adapts to any context, empowering us to be more efficient, creative, knowledgeable, successful and happy. This new network connects me to my distant parents, family and friends with a more human experience; guides me safely in a new city via the most cheerful path to a café and pays for my coffee. Most importantly it helps me to create time for myself so that I can enjoy doing the things that I love most. After all, connectivity is all about empowering people, not the ‘Things.'

Alessandra Sala

Technical Manager, Data Analytics
& Operations Research
Bell Labs, Dublin, Ireland
To me, the ultimate network is the one that automatically connects people with others, ideas, objects and information based on each person’s unique context. My information network will keep users 'in the know,' giving them the right information at the right time. This network will expand our intellectual power and simplify our daily lives. Building this network is our mission at Bell Labs, and it is the work on our 'Bell Labs network' that unleashes my daily successes.